Meet Your Doctors of Audiology

Meet the team that will be caring for your hearing health

Meet Jamie Hawkins

Jamie Hawkins – Au.D
Doctor of Audiology

Bachelor of Science – Lamar University, 2000
Master of Science in Audiology – Lamar University, 2002
Doctor of Audiology, A.T. Still University School of Health Sciences, 2014


American Academy of Audiology,
Texas Academy of Audiology, Lifetime Member
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
American Tinnitus Association
Marquardt Hearing Foundation Board of Directors

Meet Lynette Brown

Lynette Brown – Au.D
Doctor of Audiology

Bachelor of Science – Lamar University 1992
Masters of Science in Audiology – Lamar University 1994
Doctor of Audiology – A.T. Still University School of Health Sciences


American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Texas Academy of Audiology

Meet Wade Brown

Wade Brown, M.S.

Bachelor of Science – Lamar University 1992
Masters of Science in Audiology – Lamar University 1994


American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Texas Academy of Audiology

Meet Dominique Olivarez

Dominique Olivarez – Au.D
Doctor of Audiology

Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders, Texas State University, 2012
Doctor of Audiology, Lamar University, 2016


Texas Academy of Audiology
American Academy of Audiology
American Institute of Balance Certification

Meet Scott Marquardt

Scott Marquardt – Au.D
Doctor of Audiology

Bachelor of Arts – Valparaiso University, 1992
Master of Science in Audiology – Lamar University, 1994
Doctor of Audiology – A.T. Still University School of Health Sciences, 2013


Texas Academy of Audiology, Lifetime Member, Past President
American Academy of Audiology
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Marquardt Hearing Foundation Board of Directors
Academy of Doctors of Audiology

Meet Shital Patel

Shital Patel – Au.D
Doctor of Audiology

Bachelor of Science – University of Texas, 1998
Master of Science in Audiology – Lamar University, 2000
Doctor of Audiology – University of Florida, 2003


American Academy of Audiology,
Texas Academy of Audiology,
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Meet Meagan Guidry

Meagan Guidry – Au.D
Doctor of Audiology

Bachelor of Arts – University of Louisiana-Lafayette, 1990
Master of Science in Audiology – University of Louisiana-Lafayette, 1992
Doctor of Audiology – A.T. Still University School of Health Sciences


Texas Academy of Audiology
American Academy of Audiology


Fluent in Spanish
Volunteered as an audiologist with Faith In Practice
(2000, 2001, & 2017)

Meet Alix Williamson

Alix Williamson – Au.D
Doctor of Audiology

Bachelors of science in communications, sciences, and disorders – May 2012 – The University of Texas at Austin.
Doctor of Audiology – May 2017 Lamar University


Texas Academy of Audiology
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association member

Meet Shawn Hopkins

Shawn Hopkins – Au.D
Doctor of Audiology

Graphic Design Assistant – Louisiana Technical Community College, 2005
Liberal Arts Associate of Science – Lamar State College Orange, 2011
Bachelor of Science Communication Disorders – Lamar University, 2014
Doctor of Audiology – Lamar University, 2017


Texas Academy of Audiology
American Academy of Audiology
Muscular Dystrophy Association – Louisiana Camp Counsellor
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Meet Katie Miller

Katie Miller – Au.D
Doctor of Audiology

Bachelor of Science in Speech & Hearing Sciences – Lamar University 2013
Doctor of Audiology – Lamar University, 2019


American Speech & Hearing Association (ASHA)
American Academy of Audiology (AAA)
Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA)
Texas Academy of Audiology (TAA)

  • My first signs of hearing loss were about three years ago. I was afraid that I would not like them [hearing aids] and that they would discourage me and make me feel ancient. I would describe my first impressions of Clarity Hearing as precious, calming … I had wonderful interactions. Thank you, Jesus! Before my hearing aids, I didn’t know how much I couldn’t hear. At Clarity Hearing, everything is taken care of here by this staff. I went to the Tombell office and loved it.

    Phyllis Heiman

    It was about six years ago when I first noticed I had a hearing loss. I had missed out on so many conversations. My biggest fear was that I could not be helped with my hearing. Shawn is the greatest! The staff were so friendly. Shawn was so compassionate. I really felt like she cared so much. Hearing aids have made my life complete. Clarity Hearing is the place to come to because they go above and beyond to help people. Shawn is a jewel!!!

    Mary Hunter
  • Over ten years ago, I noticed that I was having a hard time hearing. My biggest fear was being different to others and people judging me for not being able to hear. At my first appointment, Megan was awesome and still is. The staff is knowledgeable and take their time answering any questions you may have. Hearing aids have changed my world. While I still have trouble hearing, especially in crowds, I find myself more social now. If you are thinking about visiting Clarity Hearing, then just do it! This has been a life changer!

    Kimberly Johnson

    I noticed my first signs of hearing loss in 2018. I had concerns that hearing aids would be very uncomfortable. My first impression of Clarity Hearing was they are awesome! Hearing aids have much improved my life. If you are considering visiting Clarity Hearing, then hurry – don’t delay. Dr. Alix is the best!!!

    James O'Connor
  • I noticed my first signs of hearing loss years ago. From the beginning, Clarity Hearing has been awesome! Very accommodating! They made the process very easy. Hearing aids have helped me greatly. I can hear family and customers much better! Clarity Hearing is awesome! l love Megan and the staff!

    Marilyn Parker

    Dr. Patel was one of the best health providers that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting with. She is knowledgeable, friendly, informed, and easy to talk to.

    Christopher R.
  • Great experience. I got the feeling they truly wanted to improve my quality of life, not just improve my hearing. I went with the least expensive product but was treated like I had spent $10,000

    Toney Foster

    I have worn a hearing aid my whole life and I always have a difficult time adjusting when I have to get a new one. Dr. Olivarez was extremely patient with me and listened to all of my complaints/requests/peculiarities, and made adjustments accordingly. I strongly recommend Clarity Hearing for your hearing aid needs, they are exceptional and go above and beyond for their patients.

    Lindy R.
  • Dr. Olivarez is an amazingly passionate audiologist. If you are looking for a hearing care professional who is knowledgeable and cares about her patients then I'd recommend this practice and Dr. Olivarez!

    Jeff S.

    Megan did a great job. She very diligent, took her time and got me a great set of hearing aids. They work great.

    Danny C.
  • Dr. Guidry &team are amazing! As a USMC veteran who has had the benefit of their services and professional expertise thanks to the Mission Act, I am so incredibly thankful for their caring and hospitable demeanor. if you have any hearing needs, you need look no further than the consummate professionals here. 10/10 and 5 Stars

    Adam Moyer

    Absolutely some of the finest people I've ever met. Their kindness, professionalism and attention to detail or unmatched. If you have to have a hearing test this is the only place to consider.

    Kirk M.
  • We love working with Dr. Jamie Hawkins. She and the staff have been wonderfully supportive and detail oriented as we have adjusted to our 8 year old’s hearing loss diagnosis. The care has been individualized and we feel like they are invested in our son’s success. Solutions are always practical and helpful.

    Beth Weisinger Taylor

    I brought my 9 month old daughter to see Dr. Jamie Hawkins at Clarity hearing upon the recommendation of my pediatrician. All the staff at the office were so helpful. Dr. Hawkins was so patient and thorough with my little one. She got fussy towards the end and could not complete her full exam, Dr. Hawkins came in early the next day so she could finish her exam and so I would not miss any work. That went above and beyond and was truly appreciated. I would recommend her and Clarity hearing to anyone!!

    Rukmini R.
  • 5 star rating

    Dr Jamie is AMAZING. I cannot say enough positive things about her and her office! My mother in law is 70 and had hearing aids from beltone, they were only one year old and did NOT work! The dr and staff were awful and not willing to help her at all. Dr Jamie has totally changed the game. She ran extensive hearing testing and spent hours answering all of our questions and addressing our concerns (we had a lot). She is so helpful and personable and makes you feel like a member of her family! My mother in law can FINALLY hear and is so pleased with the new aids she has!!

    Brittany N.
    5 star rating

    Dr. Patel was fabulous! Such a patient doctor. Having a hard time hearing is not a pleasant thing and it makes you feel rather old. She never made me feel that way. They checked insurance first to see what my costs might be and then offered me the best options after my hearing test. Very happy with the product and felt very informed before I left the office with my new "ears". Thank you Dr. Patel. You and your staff are the best!

    Josie B.
  • 5 star rating

    Clarity Hearing has such helpful staff and very flexible with our need for an immediate repair today. We have worked with Dr. Marquardt for over 15 years and I am so thankful for his knowledge and guidance with my daughters hearing loss.

    Shawne H.

    Dr. Patel is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. She took the time to really talk to me about my hearing loss and what I needed in a hearing aid. I walked out of her office with teeny-tiny ReSound hearing aids (you can barely see them!) that come equipped with the latest technology. I highly recommend Dr. Patel. She did a wonderful job!

    Katrina M.
  • Staff is wonderful, the quality of the Drs is excellent... Felt like they put the patient first!! Couldn't recommend them more strongly!!

    Jeff K.

    I cannot say enough great things about Dr Shawn Hopkins at the Woodlands location! My child was in for a fitting of her new hearing aids, she had a bad day and was laying on the floor in the office. Dr Hopkins got down on the floor and got on her level and taught her how to put them in, download the app to adjust them on her phone and taught her how to use it....all while on the floor! Great feeling for a mom to see someone care enough to adjust to your child! I would highly recommend Dr Hopkins! We have had a great experience all the way around, the entire staff is awesome!

    Wendy Kemp
  • 5 star rating

    I was referred to Dr. Scott Marquardt from a new friend who drives miles to see him at Clarity Hearing in The Woodlands. My husband and I have found Scott to be highly professional yet likable and down to earth. The entire staff is friendly and efficient. We have never had an extended wait for an appointment. Twice we have stopped by with no appointment and were seen. We highly recommend Clarity Hearing in The Woodlands, TX. You won't be disappointed.

    Dr. Barbara Latham, RN

    Barbara L.
    5 star rating

    Dr. Hawkins is always available in a timely fashion. She is friendly and personable and has always addressed any issues regarding my aides immediately. They have a smoothly run office and stay on schedule with their appointments. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an audiologist or hearing aid specialist.

    Linda D.
  • I had a great experience with Clarity hearing. My old audiologist set me up with top of the line, expensive hearing aids, but did a very poor job of setting them for my hearing loss. As a result I struggled to hear in many conversations, often having to turn my hearing aids up to the max to hear people with certain pitched voices.

    Clarity Hearing gave a thorough exam, talked over my options, and made it clear if I don't like how they're set, I can always come back in. In addition, everyone in the office is very friendly and happy to help.

    Jake M.

    I think the entire office are very helpful and carring. Dr. Scott ask all the right questions and always checks out yur hearing aids very god well you are thre.And they don't ut you for weeks when you need to be seen.

    Joyce Steiger
  • I was diagnosed, fitted, and trained with hearing aids at Clarity Hearing in the Woodlands. My life changed dramatically for the better.
    And, even after I forgot some of the basic instructions, Dr. Marquand was extremely gracious and helpful again weeks later. The Best.

    Stan Timmer
    5 star rating

    We had an amazing experience with Dr Shawn Hopkins and Victoria at front desk! Dr Hopkins extremely knowledgeable patient and kind! My poor mom had been suffering for several years with not able to hear from her hearing aids inaddition to horrible back ground noises , Dr Hopkins fixed everything! I was very impressed with her bedside manners! Superb experience

    Roohi K.
  • 5 star rating

    Wonderful experience. He was excellent in diagnosing my hearing loss. He calmed my nerves and was very reassuring. I felt I was in good hands. He takes care of his clients and does not push products. He is very honest. I would recommend him to anyone who feels they have a hearing loss and doesn't want a product pusher. It is nice to know you can get a wonderful care and honest service.

    Sally V.

    Recently had a patient of Dr. Scott's tell me that when he had testing/exam done, it was the most thorough/ professional/ comfortable ever! This patient is a cousin of mine, so everyone present were "all ears" (no pun intended )Seriously, people want to feel special and that the doctor really cares about their hearing issues! This is so true about Clarity Hearing!

    Karla Smith
  • 5 star rating

    My husband went to Clarity hearing, because, like so many of us, the hearing aids he needed were covered by his insurance company at Clarity at a much better rate than the ENT physician he originally went to.
    The Clarity office assisted with getting his test results from the physician - but even before that they did a brief exam.
    Dr. Alivarez was very helpful, knowledgeable and understanding.

    We highly recommend this office - and Dr. Alivarez

    Kathy E.

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