Whereas Others Focus on Hearing Aids,
We Focus on Your Hearing Health.

You’re here because you’re looking for a trusted audiologist to help you or a loved one through what is often a worrying time.

You want an audiologist that understands your personal circumstances, that has an industry-leading reputation and that will care for your long-term hearing health.

At Clarity Hearing, you’re in the right place.

We have a personal duty to the residents of The Woodlands, Conroe, Cypress, Tomball, and Wharton areas to focus on your hearing health and help you to maximize your hearing capabilities to ensure you never miss a moment.

We opened our doors in 2012 – originally located in the Portofinio shopping center in Shenandoah, before moving to St. Luke’s Medical Complex in The Woodlands in January 2014.

In this time, we’ve expanded to four additional clinics in Conroe, Cypress, Tomball, and Wharton areas, serving thousands of delighted patients.

If you have any hearing concerns or would like to ask our expert audiologists a question about your hearing health, then we’d love to help you.

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Six Reasons to Choose Clarity Hearing

#1 – A team consisting of 10 of the most trusted hearing care experts in Houston

With a team of 9 Doctors of Audiology, and one Audiologist – we’re the largest privately owned hearing care clinic in Houston and we have a vast amount of expertise and experience. This ensures that your hearing is cared for by a highly-recognized team of hearing care experts that have collectively helped tens of thousands of people to achieve better hearing.

#2 – Hundreds of years of combined experience

Between our team of 10 hearing care experts, there are hundreds of years of combined experience. This means that no matter what hearing challenges you’re experiencing, our team will have almost certainly seen somebody in the same situation and helped them to find a solution.

#3 – Specialists in helping you to maximize your insurance benefits

By partnering with all major insurance companies, we’re able to help you to maximize your insurance benefits by checking your insurance benefits on your behalf. If you’re unsure what you’re covered for, then we will check for you and help you receive as many benefits as you can.

#4 – Partnering with all hearing aid manufacturers

Finding the right solution for your unique needs is very important. That’s why we partner with all major hearing aid manufacturers to ensure that we can find the perfect technology for your unique circumstances.

#5 – You’ll support our foundation to help others

Having donated over $100,000 worth of hearing aids to over 100 local people, we’re continually looking to “give back.”Through our foundation, we’re able to identify local people that are in desperate need of hearing care and give our time/resources to help them achieve better hearing.

#6 – Five beautiful locations

With locations in Conroe, Wharton, Tomball, North Cypress, and the Woodlands – you have the ability to visit any of our 5 locations for your appointments/ongoing hearing care.

Each of our offices has modern décor and has been developed to be a comfortable, yet professional space that you’ll look forward to visiting!

Your Journey To Better Hearing

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