You’ve just been for a hearing screening and it turns out that you need a hearing aid. Now it’s time to choose which ones to get. We understand that picking out your perfect hearing aids can take a little time and research, but here at Clarity Hearing we also know your time is precious.

There is a hearing aid out there for everyone, so we’d like to use our knowledge and experience to help you find it. That’s why we’ve put together this handy, quick selection guide.

What types of hearing aids are there?

There are two main categories of hearing aids. The ones that fit in your ear, and the ones that fit outside your ear. Some are tiny, almost invisible. Others are visible but more powerful. The right one for you will depend on looks, price, and your hearing needs.

Hearing aid models are named pretty plainly to indicate how much they show from your ears, so the different types are easy to remember.

Invisible-In-Canal models are just as they’re named; so tiny that they’re barely detectable. These are great for mild to moderate hearing loss. The same goes for Completely-In-Canal models, which are almost as tiny. They come in a range of skin colors, so are almost completely camouflaged in your ear.

If your hearing loss is more severe, you may be better off going for an In-The-Canal device, which provides stronger hearing coverage. These models are sleek, comfortable, custom-made and will match your skin tone directly.

Another choice for those with moderate to severe hearing loss is the more traditional Receiver-In-Canal type. They house all their technology in a device behind the ear and can provide powerful amplification in a range of colors to suit your style.

Ready to take the next step and select your hearing aid? Or simply need more information? We stock a wide range of device types, brands and models to suit every budget and hearing loss need. Call us at Clarity Hearing to find out how we can help you pick the right device for you and make your life that little bit easier.