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by H. Goss 2/10/2016

"I cannot recommend this facility enough. From A to Z this establishment and the staff were simply, top notch. Particularly wonderful is Dr. Jamie Hawkins. Dr. Hawkins is a warm individual possessing a professional and compassionate bedside manner. Dr. Hawkins spent a great deal of time with me, communicating all options available to me, including options financially beneficial to me. Dr. Hawkins integrity was as sincere, as it was apparent. I urge anyone in need of an audiologist, to make Clarity Hearing your first choice."

by Jim S.

"Once I decided to find out what I could do to address my long time hearing loss going to see Jamie and the crew at Clarity Hearing was one of the best decisions I have made for myself and my family. My quality of life is greatly improved. I also did not understand how it affected my family when communicating with my hearing loss. They suffered then and now so proud I made the decision to go to Clarity. Jamie and the crew made me feel very comfortable and took time to get the best product for me. I am very happy. I look forward to seeing them in my future follow up visits."

by Stuart Ray

"Dr. Scott Marquardt is a professional that cared about my hearing loss. Scott worked with me a number of times to ensure we made the right choice for my personal hearing loss situation. Then came the insurance challenge! Kelly the wonderful person with the terrible job of taking on all the insurance changes received a coverage quote from my insurance co., so I purchased my hearing aids. After the fact my insurance co. changed there mind, tried to cheat Dr. Scott out of what they agreed to pay. Dr. Scott never asked me to pay more than was originally discussed.
After several months of battling with my insurance co. (Aetna), Kelly was successfully in getting them to pay up. I can only imagine it's only gotten worse over the past 3 years.
The point is, these dedicated people work for what's best for their patients (not for the insurance co or OB Care.)
My dog just ate one of my hearing aids so I called to see what if anything can be done and much to my surprise I actually have insurance to cover that I didn't know about. Clarity again came thru for me."

by Colt Bridges

"Dr. Jamie Hawkins is a fabulous audiologist! Over the last two years she has gone to great lengths to help me with my hearing loss. She's very patient and understanding, truly cares about your well being! Excellent at explaining options and kept me abreast of any new hearing aids."

by Albert and Gwen Destouet

Dear Dr. Scott Marquardt,
"Our family wishes to express our heartfelt appreciation for your kindness, generosity and professional directives you gave us during Mary Destouet’s appointment on Monday. The sensitivity and support of you and your fine staff made the experience extremely valuable. Your substantial gift of your talent and time was beyond measure."
Thank you very much.

by Aren D

"Drs Marquardt are excellent audiologists and provide individualized care to each of their clients. They take the time that is needed for each patient taking into consideration the individual's hearing loss needs and their communication desires.."

by Bert Tandy

"We were thrilled to find Dr. Jamie Hawkins, our audiologist for a number of years, now a part of this practice. She is and has been the most effective audiologist I have had. She also now has a more powerful hearing aid programming system available for her use than provided at Texas ENT. And she knows how to get the best results from it."

by o Wendy B. via

"What a wonderful experience! I've had problems with my hearing since I was a child. Tubes in and out plus other surgery too. Thankfully Dr Jamie Hawkins was able to explain that my nerve wasn't damaged which made me an excellent candidate for hearing aids. (My ENT mentioned this years prior but I'd forgotten. Also, my medical situation is only one example in a sea of possibilities.)

I made an appointment to try on a pair of hearing aids. My hearing has never been good, ever! WOW! What a difference! Dr Hawkins carefully explained the different kinds, as well as various grades of hearing aids. The office also checked with my insurers for hearing aid coverage which was a plus!

Dr Hawkins fit me with the perfect pair! I chose a top of the line pair as I'm frequently in large rooms with many, many voices. If you're looking for hearing services or considering hearing aids, Hearing Clarity is the best place! They really care about your hearing!! "

by Shawne M. via

"Scott has taken care of my daughter for the last 12 years regarding her hearing and I could not ask for a better audiologist.  As a parent when your child is diagnosed with a hearing loss you are not sure what your next step should be.  Scott stepped in and educated me as a parent the best options for my daughter.  I can not be thankful enough for all he has done and what a positive impact he has made for my daughter."

by Luis Ignacio Gameros via

"We nominate Dr. Scott Marquardt at Clarity Hearing for every conceivable award available for professional gentility and just the most just and honest business practice in town. Our confusion over our need, ended when we walked in his door. On our meager income we have both been attended to as if we were a pair of big spenders without the least bit of pressure or duress. If you are searching as we did, for what seemed an eternity, for a genuine Human being to guide and look after your needs professionally, who leaves you with that small town good feeling, this is your man. Thank you doctor and God Bless you for you great good kindness. We have come to love you and your beautiful family."

by Brian L. of Houston, TX via

"He was a really nice, courteous guy. Before ordering me a new speaker, he took the left speaker off and tried on right aid to be sure that was the problem. I went back in two days and it was fixed. I’d go back there."