Why is Early Detection of Hearing Loss in Older Adults So Important?

Why is Early Detection of Hearing Loss in Older Adults So Important?

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

Hearing loss is very common in adults who are over 50. When it happens, it’s easy to think that it’s a natural part of aging and that there’s no point in getting it checked out. At Clarity Hearing, we frequently see the detrimental effect that late detection of hearing loss has on long-term auditory health. This is why we encourage you to get any concerns checked out as soon as possible or schedule a regular hearing test to be sure.


Do you have a hearing loss?

Hearing loss often happens gradually. This means that, at first, it can be hard to tell if you are experiencing any deterioration. There may be some obvious secondary symptoms such as tinnitus, earache, or dizziness. Otherwise, you have to be on the lookout for the onset of low-level difficulties with hearing such as not being able to follow a conversation if there is a lot of other noise or having trouble with phone conversations. It may be that friends or loved ones notice that you are not hearing them properly.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s time to book a hearing assessment to be certain. People often delay because they are in denial, or they think things will get better again, but this can lead to serious consequences.


What are the consequences of ignoring your hearing loss?

Your ear responds to stimulation. If hearing loss means that parts of your ear get underused, the body will eventually adapt and begin to divert resources away from the area. This can lead to further deterioration. Hearing equipment processes and amplifies sound so that the inner ear apparatus continues to function.

In most cases, there is no way to restore lost hearing. Preventing loss in the first place is the only way to hang on to your hearing experience. “Use it or lose it” is what you should be thinking when it comes to your hearing.

Ignoring hearing loss can exacerbate other physical and mental conditions such as dementia and depression. In some cases, hearing loss links to underlying causes like heart disease. Getting your ears checked can lead to early detection of these conditions.


What’s stopping you?

A hearing test is quick and non-invasive so there should be nothing standing in the way of paying attention to your auditory health. At Clarity Hearing, Houston, Texas, our Audiology specialists make clear recommendations following any hearing test. Then you can take advantage of the smooth processes we have in place to make liaising with your insurance company easy.
It’s simple to get a hearing evaluation with Clarity Hearing. Contact us to book an appointment for you or a loved one today.

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Dr. Scott Marquardt - Doctor of Audiology & CEO of Clarity Hearing

Scott Marquardt is the owner of Clarity Hearing and a highly skilled audiologist who has been in practice for over 20 years. Dr. Marquardt earned a master’s degree in audiology from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, and a doctorate from A.T. Still University. He is a member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association and a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. He and the team offer comprehensive hearing healthcare services and specialize in the care of tinnitus, imbalance, and auditory processing disorders.

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