Become Hearing Health Aware

As a nation, we so often ignore our hearing problems. Of the 28.8 million Americans who would benefit from wearing a hearing aid, a mere 16% of them actually have one. In fact, on average, people wait 15 years before getting the help they need. It is time for America to become hearing health aware.

Hearing loss can cause serious issues

People with hearing loss often find it difficult to understand speech within noisy situations and end up avoiding parties and crowds. This can cause communication issues with friends, relatives and colleagues, or lead to social isolation.

Hearing loss could be indicative of another health issue. There are known correlations between diabetes and hearing loss; in fact, you are twice as likely to have hearing issues if you are diabetic.

It affects all ages

Though adults aged 60-69 suffer with hearing loss the most, it is a problem that affects all ages. Approximately 3 in every 1000 children are born with issues, and 15% of school-aged children have experienced hearing loss.

Gender matters

Men aged 20-69 are twice as likely to have hearing problems than women. However, as they age, women have more trouble distinguishing speech and sound at lower frequencies.

A hearing aid could change your life

A hearing aid can improve your social, psychological and physical wellbeing. Can you imagine being able to hear forgotten sounds like the birds singing, water running and the wind outside? Or being able to happily hear everyone at noisy social gatherings?

We can help

We stock a wide range of models from various manufacturers, so we have a solution to suit every individual need. Significant advances in technology over recent years mean that hearing aids are near invisible when worn. Other features include rechargeable batteries and hearing aids that remotely connect to the technology around your home.


It makes sense to be aware of your own hearing health. If you have hearing issues, why not book in for a screening with us and take the first step to regaining your confidence and improving your quality of life.

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Dr. Scott Marquardt - Doctor of Audiology & CEO of Clarity Hearing

Scott Marquardt is the owner of Clarity Hearing and a highly skilled audiologist who has been in practice for over 20 years. Dr. Marquardt earned a master’s degree in audiology from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, and a doctorate from A.T. Still University. He is a member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association and a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. He and the team offer comprehensive hearing healthcare services and specialize in the care of tinnitus, imbalance, and auditory processing disorders.

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