How Much Do Hearing Aids And Hearing Care Cost?

How Much Do Hearing Aids And Hearing Care Cost?

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

Facing the cost associated with getting hearing aids is one of the most common deterrents from getting hearing aids.

In most cases, hearing clinics do not offer transparency when it comes to pricing, which is why I’d like to take this opportunity to inform residents in Houston and the surrounding communities of the different levels of hearing care available to you.

Getting hearing aids is not like going to the grocery store to get milk. There are many more options, and you must consider the long-term commitments that your hearing care cost will include.

With online companies offering cheaper devices with zero hearing healthcare included and no device support after the initial purchase, we advise you to partner with a professional audiologist to ensure you receive a tailored solution and a provider to support you through each step of your journey.

We know you have questions. We answer them every day in our offices and are happy to do so. But before I begin, I think it’s important to highlight something that not many people will know before partnering with an audiologist.

I often explain to my patients that the upfront cost of hearing aids can be seen as an investment rather than an expense. This is because the investment you make when purchasing hearing aids covers the ongoing audiological care you receive from your audiologist way after the purchase – hearing aids are only a small portion of that cost.

Here’s a breakdown of how much hearing aids and hearing care cost at Clarity Hearing.


Why Is Ongoing Audiological Care So Important?

Can you imagine having a car and never having it serviced? Problems would gradually build up; it wouldn’t be as efficient as it used to be, and it would eventually break down.

Well, if you think of audiologists as the mechanics in this situation, you can see how crucial they are in providing the support needed to ensure you continue to enjoy healthy hearing.

At Clarity Hearing, we have adopted an “unbundled” model for our hearing healthcare program. Our professional staff is a believer that patients should only pay for services that they need. This approach provides our patients with a customized program that will suit their hearing needs and their budget.

We can prioritize some features and cut back on others. We can design a program from start to finish so you know what is happening every step of the way.

Because of this, you’ll find that your upfront cost for hearing aids and hearing care is significantly lower than most other clinics. What this means for ongoing care is that there are charges for follow-up care just as if a patient goes to other medical professionals.

We want you to be comfortable and confident to allow the hearing aids to do their job. If you are worried about your hearing care costs, our professional audiologists can provide a tailored solution to suit your hearing needs and ensure you receive 5-star hearing care.


What Happens If You Buy Cheaper, Online Hearing Aids?

A lot of patients experience added frustration when dealing with inexpensive hearing aids. They find that the service and support that was promised isn’t quite what they were told. Having to call an 800 support number is much different than calling your local audiologist if something happens.

Like so many other things in life, you get what you pay for. Having said that, we are happy to assist anyone who already has these types of hearing devices.

With our knowledge and expertise, we can come up with a solution to adjust the existing devices if possible and offer guidance on the best next steps.

Some patients will see an improvement with cheaper hearing aids at first. But due to the lack of programming and professional fitting after a comprehensive hearing assessment, these devices often get tossed in the drawer, leaving the patient with a negative association with hearing aids.

Advanced hearing aids are prescribed based on the results of your comprehensive hearing assessment and will be adjusted to your needs. Since your hearing will likely change over time, regular check-ups with your audiologist will ensure your devices keep up with your changing needs.

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What Are The Benefits Of Working With An Audiologist?

Access to an expert is the biggest benefit of working with an audiologist and lowering your long-term costs associated with healthy hearing. Buying over the counter is the “band-aid” approach and will have limited success.

You would think that adjusting a hearing aid would be something that anyone could easily do.

Yet, all the data shows that patients get better outcomes when they see an audiologist who follows best practices. This includes using accurate ear technology to fine-tune the hearing aids. More importantly, we are real people who are here to answer your questions and concerns about any part of the process.


What Are The Different Levels Of Treatment Plans You Provide?

We encourage all patients to only pay for what they need. The cost of hearing aids and hearing care is entirely tailored to a patient’s individual needs.

There are some cases where purchasing a service plan upfront might make sense. We offer service plans by the year or multiple years if that’s something a patient would prefer.

The best thing to do is give us a call and have a friendly and no-obligation conversation about your current situation. We need to know your details to assign the best treatment and keep your hearing care costs low.


How Much Does A Service Plan Cost?

We have a few different options to suit each patient’s needs. It all starts with a comprehensive hearing exam. From there, we will be able to diagnose you and move forward with a specific plan formally.

For our most popular service plan, you can expect to pay $300 per year. The plan doesn’t include hearing tests, earmolds, or accessories purchased but allows a patient to pay upfront for programming and counseling.

We have had much success with this plan, and it allows each patient to move at their own speed.

Please contact us anytime with questions about your hearing or even that of a loved one. We know it can be hard on families, and we are here to help. Call us anytime.

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Dr. Scott Marquardt - Doctor of Audiology & CEO of Clarity Hearing

Scott Marquardt is the owner of Clarity Hearing and a highly skilled audiologist who has been in practice for over 20 years. Dr. Marquardt earned a master’s degree in audiology from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, and a doctorate from A.T. Still University. He is a member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association and a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. He and the team offer comprehensive hearing healthcare services and specialize in the care of tinnitus, imbalance, and auditory processing disorders.

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