How Do I Know When to Upgrade My Hearing Aids?

How Do I Know When to Upgrade My Hearing Aids?

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

Optimal sound quality in hearing aids begins with your audiologist helping you select the perfect one. Style, fit, and customized settings impact how well your hearing aids work.

But like any device, they also need to be replaced periodically. Sometimes, it’s because they’re broken or damaged. Other times, your hearing ability has changed.

Also, hearing aid technology is continually improving, so upgrading provides you with new features to enhance your life. Here are Clarity Hearing‘s recommendations for when to upgrade your hearing aid. As always, contact us or, better yet, see us if you have any questions!

How Long Do Hearing Aids Typically Last?

Quality hearing aids last an average of 5 years before they need to be upgraded or replaced. A good device typically lasts for 3-7 years, with certain factors affecting the lifespan.

Do you keep your hearing aids free of dust and ear wax? Do you store them away from humidity and extreme temperatures? Do you avoid submerging them in water? Do you keep them out of reach of small children and pets? These steps will help your hearing aids last 5 years.

What Should I Do with My Old Hearing Aids When I Upgrade?

Hesitate before throwing them away and consider donating them to the Marquardt Hearing Foundation, Inc., where they will be used to help someone in need.

Since we’ve launched, we have donated $100,000’s worth of hearing aids and countless hours of care to help over 100 local people. When you upgrade, you not only benefit from better hearing, but you also help someone in need of hearing assistance.

When Is the Right Time to Upgrade?

The best time to upgrade is when your device is no longer maximizing your hearing potential. This includes the introduction of new technology that would make a difference in your ability.

Clarity Hearing is attuned to the latest developments and partners with the most innovative providers to bring you the top hearing devices. We’ll keep you informed of new advances that will assist you.

Also, sometimes your hearing needs change, or your device no longer fits you correctly. We recommend scheduling a hearing assessment to discuss an upgrade any time your hearing ability changes.

Are There Medical Reasons to Regularly Upgrade My Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids improve both the physical and mental health of those who wear them. They warn you of hazards you might not otherwise hear, like car horns and fire alarms, and reduce the progression of impairments like dementia.

But they also help prevent the anxiety, depression, and isolation that often trouble those with hearing loss. It’s important to keep your hearing aids up to date to enjoy the health and happiness you deserve. Those who hear with clarity often enjoy a more outgoing, abundant life.

What Are the Benefits of Newer Hearing Aids?

If your hearing aid no longer works correctly, then the #1 benefit to upgrading is restoring the quality of sound to your life.  Besides, the latest hearing aids can do everything from Bluetooth streaming to fitness tracking to detecting when you fall.

If your hearing aids are more than 4 years old, you’ll be surprised by the assistive capabilities of the newest devices. Our team will walk you through the options and help you select and familiarize yourself with the perfect device for you.

If you or a loved one is ready to upgrade their devices, or want advice on your options, call us today to find out more.

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Dr. Shawn Hopkins, Au.D.

Dr. Hopkins received her bachelor of science in communication disorders from Lamar University in 2014. This was soon followed by her doctor of audiology degree, also from Lamar University, in 2017. She is an active member of the Texas Academy of Audiology, the American Academy of Audiology, and the American Speech-Language Association.

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