Do I need hearing aids? Take the “H.E.A.R I.T” test

Do I need hearing aids? Take the “H.E.A.R I.T” test

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

Over 20% (that’s around 48 million) of Americans suffer some form of hearing loss.

A lot of the time it’s nothing to worry about and any problems can be easily fixed without hearing aids, but it’s always best to know what’s up and whether you need some help.

Here’s a really easy way to find out:

If you think you could be hard of hearing, think: HEAR IT to sort it.

H = Hard to understand what people say
E = Ears feel heavy, or clogged
A = Avoid social situations due to embarrassment
R = Regularly ask people to repeat what they said

I = Irritable, impatient, or feeling frustrated
T = Trouble hearing on the phone, or in noisy places

If you can resonate with 3 or more of the above, you may have a hearing problem, and hearing aids could be your solution.

But don’t worry; identifying the early signs of hearing loss is a really smart thing and the sooner you do something about it, the better.

As a friendly reminder, although it’s tempting, burying your head in the sand is not an option, as ignoring your body’s warning signs about your hearing loss could lead to long-term damage, and in extreme cases, dementia.

Here’s what you need to do right now…

Whether you’ve noticed your hearing deteriorating gradually, or have experienced a sudden drop in your hearing clarity very recently, you should book an appointment with your audiologist or hearing care professional.

By seeing a professional you can get your problem diagnosed right away and get it dealt with without the stress.

Contact your local practice for immediate, friendly assistance. We’ll test your hearing and then recommend what your best option is.

If you do need hearing aids, we’ll also aid you with free demonstrations and professional advice.

Think HEAR IT and we’ll SORT IT.










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Dr. Scott Marquardt - Doctor of Audiology & CEO of Clarity Hearing

Scott Marquardt is the owner of Clarity Hearing and a highly skilled audiologist who has been in practice for over 20 years. Dr. Marquardt earned a master’s degree in audiology from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, and a doctorate from A.T. Still University. He is a member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association and a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. He and the team offer comprehensive hearing healthcare services and specialize in the care of tinnitus, imbalance, and auditory processing disorders.

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