Apple is Experiencing Hearing Aid Issues with 12th Generation Devices

Apple is Experiencing Hearing Aid Issues with 12th Generation Devices

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

New technology provides advanced capabilities, particularly for the hearing impaired.

Those with hearing loss have waited decades for mobile devices to be sufficiently compatible with their hearing aids.

Even as recently as this year, the tech companies have received new mandates on providing a better user experience for those who struggle to hear.

At Clarity Hearing, we’re grateful that our patients’ needs are being addressed by large companies like Apple and Android.

The ability to pair Bluetooth hearing aids to your phone and apps that allow us to adjust your hearing aids remotely are welcome advances.

Experiencing Static with Your iPhone 12 Connection?

However, with new tech, there are always a few glitches to correct. One such issue is the sound distortion users report when pairing hearing aids to Apple’s 12th generation devices.

The iPhone 12, in particular, is causing hearing aid problems for many patients. Some are hearing loud static, while others are having intermittent connection issues.

Some users say the overall sound quality is garbled with their hearing aid connection to iPhone 12.

While some people question whether the iOS 14 update, released at the same time as iPhone 12, is the problem, patients with older phones are not experiencing static issues with iOS 14.

And many patients with other 12th generation devices like iPads are not having the same hearing aid issues as those with the iPhone 12, leading experts to assume the problem is with the phone itself.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time hearing aid users had to contend with Apple connectivity.

The company also released an update in October 2019 for a similar issue with iOS 13.

Thankfully, those hearing aid problems were resolved, and a solution is already in the works for this new static issue as well. Apple recommends downloading iOS 14.2.1 or a later version for a better connection until it’s resolved.

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Is it the iPhone, the Update, or Other Hearing Aid Issues?

If you hear distorted sound when using hearing aids with your iPhone 12, it’s likely the phone, not the hearing aids causing the issue.

However, other common hearing aid problems might be to blame, like a buildup of ear wax, a low battery, or a poorly fitted device.

If the distorted sound occurs with a different brand or generation of phone, it’s more likely to be a mechanical or technical issue.

We offer quick solutions to common hearing aid issues and a variety of ways to consult with us. From tele audiology to in-office visits to remote adjustments, we can identify the problem, no matter where you are, and provide a swift resolution.

Clarity Hearing has Quick Solutions for All Hearing Aid Issues

If sound quality is diminished with your iPhone 12, take heart. Apple is aware of the problem and is hard at work resolving the hearing aid issues.

The team at Clarity Hearing is here to help with any hearing aid troubleshooting queries you might have regarding the problem. We’ll determine whether the static stems from the phone or whether other hearing aid problems are to blame.

We offer full-service cleaning, repairs, and diagnostic services, as well as custom fittings for our state-of-the-art hearing aids.  

Contact us today to maximize the sound quality with your mobile device.

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Dr. Shital Patel, Au.D

Dr. Patel received her bachelor of science from the University of Texas in 1998, her master of science in audiology from Lamar University in 2000, and her doctorate of audiology from the University of Florida in 2003. She is a member of the American Academy of Audiology, the Texas Academy of Audiology, and the American-Language-Hearing Association.

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