Over $100,000 of Hearing Aids Given Away, Benefiting 122 Local People Through The Marquardt Hearing Foundation, Inc.

A personal message from Founder,
Dr. Scott Marquardt


My parents were middle-class people who both worked their whole lives, and who both ended up needing hearing aids, but there was no way that they could afford them.

Their insurance doesn’t cover it, and I thought; “Well, if I grew up in a household where I didn’t really want for a lot, but they can’t provide this for themselves, then there’s got to be a lot of people who are in that same boat”.

I wanted to create something where we could help people who truly do need help that don’t have other options.

The other side of this is children, up until this year, children in Texas didn’t have a hearing aid benefit through regular insurance.

Thankfully, this has been changed and it’s been added to all insurances, meaning that children are now covered for hearing aids, so a big part of what we have done with the foundation is simply fitting kids with hearing aids.

Throughout the six years since we launched the foundation, we’ve given away over $100,000’s worth of hearing aids, and countless hours of care/specialized attention, helping over 100 local people.

If you would like to contribute towards the foundation or have any questions, then you can call us 936-788-2212

Dr. Scott Marquardt headshot