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  • Kathy E. Avatar
    Kathy E.

    5 star rating My husband went to Clarity hearing, because, like so many of us, the hearing aids he needed were covered by his insurance company at Clarity at a much better rate than the ENT physician he originally went to.
    The Clarity office assisted with getting his test results from the physician - but even before that they did a brief exam.  
    Dr. Alivarez was very helpful, knowledgeable and understanding.

    We highly recommend this office - and Dr. Alivarez
    - 1/01/1970

  • Wendy B. Avatar
    Wendy B.

    5 star rating What a wonderful experience! I've had problems with my hearing since I was a child. Tubes in and out plus other surgery too. Thankfully Dr Jamie Hawkins was able to explain that my nerve wasn't damaged which made me an excellent candidate for hearing aids. (My ENT mentioned this years prior but I'd forgotten. Also, my medical situation is only one example in a sea of possibilities.)

    I made an appointment to try on a pair of hearing aids. My hearing has never been good, ever! WOW! What a difference! Dr Hawkins carefully explained the different kinds, as well as various grades of hearing aids. The office also checked with my insurers for hearing aid coverage which was a plus!

    Dr Hawkins fit me with the perfect pair! I chose a top of the line pair as I'm frequently in large rooms with many, many voices.
    If you're looking for hearing services or considering hearing aids, Hearing Clarity is the best place! They really care about your hearing!!
    - 12/17/2015

  • Joyce Steiger Avatar
    Joyce Steiger

    I think the entire office are very helpful and carring. Dr. Scott ask all the right questions and always checks out yur hearing aids very god well you are thre.And they don't ut you for weeks when you need to be seen. - 9/12/2017

  • Allen K. Avatar
    Allen K.

    Very professional and personal have great respect for you and your time. - 8/15/2018

  • Nina V. Avatar
    Nina V.

    Good experience went with my dadfir hearing aid repair. - 11/17/2018

  • Sherry Atkinson Buhrle Avatar
    Sherry Atkinson Buhrle

    I followed Dr. Hawkins to Clarity Hearing and will follow her to another city if necessary. I won't trust anyone else with my hearing. She's an exceptional audiologist and caring physician. I can't sing her praises loud enough. I've had a 60% loss in one ear and loss in the other ear since I was a child and now I can hear better than I ever would have imagined. It's been life changing.

    Clarity Hearing is a great office with a friendly, kind and professional staff.

    - 1/15/2019

  • Rebecca Dolen Bowers Avatar
    Rebecca Dolen Bowers

    We took our daughter to Clarity Hearing hoping to find answers to a condition that very few people know about. Not only had Dr. Hawkins heard of the condition, but she had studied it so that she was quite knowledgeable about it.

    I was so relieved to know that my daughter is being treated by someone with more than just a general knowledge of what she suffers.

    Thank you
    - 10/01/2017

  • Kellie Davis Berger Avatar
    Kellie Davis Berger

    Dr Marquardt is wonderful. He takes time with you, listens to concerns and questions and helps you find affordable, viable solutions. - 4/26/2016

  • Gary B. Avatar
    Gary B.

    5 star rating Been using Clarity for several years.  Always attentibe and timely on my services and repairs. - 10/02/2017

  • Carol T. Avatar
    Carol T.

    Meagan was very nice to search for the lowest possible price on having my husband's hearing aid part. She and Cynthia make a great team! On own first visit Meagan quickly solved my problem at a very fair price. The staff is friendly, the office clean. I believe Meagan will be able to fill all our needs when it comes to hearing aids. - 2/20/2018

  • Rebecca Dolen Bowers Avatar
    Rebecca Dolen Bowers

    We took our daughter to Clarity Hearing hoping to find answers to a condition that very few people know about. Not only had Dr. Hawkins heard of the condition, but she had studied it so that she was quite knowledgeable about it. - 10/01/2017

  • Laura Callison Avatar
    Laura Callison

    Clarity has a wonderful staff. They are all very caring and listen to your needs. Thanks Dr. Jamie Hawkins. - 9/28/2017

  • Marie Lacy Avatar
    Marie Lacy

    I thought I would die when Tony Raica retired...but I didn't!!! Megan Guidry is a rock star. Until death do us part, ladies! - 4/09/2018

  • Catherine T. Avatar
    Catherine T.

    5 star rating Don't wait ... mid-40s is not too early for hearing aids.

    Whether you're like me with a family history of hearing loss or not, it can be difficult to realize after turning 40 that your hearing is not optimal.  From 43 to 47 I was able to cope by sitting closer in meetings, concentrating on the speaker, and watching lips to supplement words I was missing.  No one outside my family could tell that I was having trouble, but I was expending a lot of energy at work without even realizing it.  Making the choice to start wearing hearing aids was both tough and easy.  Tough because I'm young, what would people think when they saw? - would they look at me differently or doubt my professional ability?  Easy because I remember the extreme reluctance of my grandmother to wear hearing aids and it negatively impacting her quality of life.  I felt terrible having to talk so loudly and worrying that I might hurt her feelings because she thought I was yelling at her.  She wasn't able to participate fully in family functions... you know, everything that's in the brochures telling about how hard it is on the family.  I decided I didn't want to do that to my spouse/kids/coworkers and that doing nothing was not an option.  

    I started by personally researching what was on the market and how this would impact my lifestyle.  I wanted to not only hear better but to also turn hearing aids into a professional tool since I'm on conference calls multiple hours a day.  Being young and tech savvy has been a benefit when considering the newer types of aids now on the market.  Reading reviews online and searching for a knowledgeable, quality provider helped me realize that this was indeed the right decision and that I needed an equally forward-thinking provider partner.

    In that searching I found Dr. Shital Patel at Clarity Hearing who confirmed not only the information but also encouraged me to embrace the change and capitalize on the technology.  We found what works for me ... Resound LT9 MIH (microphone in helix) "Made for iPhone" aids.  I have two iPhones (one work, one personal), an iWatch, and an iPad.  I tossed the headphones and now do everything through my aids.  I chose a clear color and when folks ask I say I've got new Bluetooth headphones.  I've learned to switch between devices and maximize the functionality.  Plus, I can hear live conversations with more clarity fulfilling the baseline need for getting these devices in the first place.  

    Dr. Patel has been incredible during this impactful time.  I would absolutely recommend her to lead others through their own search.  For those who think you are too young, jump in and make these new devices not only work for you but also enhance your hearing options.  Working with her and wearing aids has been a great decision and I'm already glad that I didn't wait.
    - 1/01/1970

  • Karla Smith Avatar
    Karla Smith

    Recently had a patient of Dr. Scott's tell me that when he had testing/exam done, it was the most thorough/ professional/ comfortable ever! This patient is a cousin of mine, so everyone present were "all ears" (no pun intended )Seriously, people want to feel special and that the doctor really cares about their hearing issues! This is so true about Clarity Hearing! - 10/16/2015

  • Shawne H. Avatar
    Shawne H.

    5 star rating Clarity Hearing has such helpful staff and very flexible with our need for an immediate repair today.    We have worked with Dr. Marquardt for over 15 years and I am so thankful for his knowledge and guidance with my daughters hearing loss. - 7/24/2018

  • Katrina M. Avatar
    Katrina M.

    Dr. Patel is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. She took the time to really talk to me about my hearing loss and what I needed in a hearing aid. I walked out of her office with teeny-tiny ReSound hearing aids (you can barely see them!) that come equipped with the latest technology. I highly recommend Dr. Patel. She did a wonderful job! - 7/19/2018

  • Carol Stevens Avatar
    Carol Stevens

    I'm glad Meagan is in Conroe. I've been wearing hearing aids over 40 years and a little freaked about meeting someone new, but Meagan is experienced, knows her products and cares about her customers. Her staff is friendly and the facility is clean. Meagan quickly figured out the problem, fixed it and the fee was nominal. I know where I'll be getting my hearing aid needs filled in the future. - 2/20/2018

  • T R. Avatar
    T R.

    Thank you! You have made a world of difference for my Mom and her participation at family and social get togethers!
    Merry Christmas
    - 12/15/2018

  • Linda Soland Avatar
    Linda Soland

    Jamie takes the time to provide me with thorough answer to all my questions. I have referred the rest of my family to Clarity Hearing. - 9/25/2017