Does Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

A common and quite logical question we have to answer on a daily basis is, “Are hearing aids covered by insurance?”

Hearing aids are a significant investment capable of transforming your life and restoring the active, independent lifestyle you’re used to; but figuring out how to pay for hearing aids is a challenge faced by individuals who might benefit from the better hearing boost they provide, especially those living on a fixed income.

To make matters worse, each insurance company has a variety of packages with or without added riders and specific rules and limitations related to their coverage as well as requirements related to deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses before your coverage kicks in.

Navigating through the fine print can be time consuming, frustrating, and discouraging.

The frustration and discouragement that comes from not knowing if your hearing aids are covered by insurance is among the reasons why some who might benefit from the use of hearing aids put off getting the help they need.

Super nice staff and audiologist. I was given all the info and results of my hearing test at the end of my appointment. They make you feel at ease with a very welcoming atmosphere. A very good experience for something I was a bit nervous about.

- Al

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9 Questions to Ask in Relation to Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids

1. Is there a benefit in my plan for hearing aids?
2. If my plan provides a benefit, what is it, and how much will I receive?
3. Is there a deductible and/or out-of-pocket amount I have to meet before benefits kick in, how much?
4. How often is the cost of new hearing aids covered, or how often does it renew?
5. Can I see the audiologist of my choice, or am I restricted to network practices/providers?
6. Does my preferred audiologist or clinic accept my insurance?
7. Does my benefit cover a diagnostic hearing evaluation?
8. Do I have to have a referral from a primary care physician in order to be covered?
9. Can I choose the hearing aids I like best, or am I restricted to a generic brand/type?

We Can Help You Get the Insurance Benefits You’re Entitled To

Fortunately, you don’t have to do the time-consuming and frustrating work of determining whether hearing aids are covered by your insurance, because we include an insurance specialist as part of our Clarity Hearing team.

Our insurance specialist knows the ins and outs of insurance coverage for hearing care and hearing aids, knows which questions to ask, and knows how to make sure that you get all the insurance benefits you’re entitled to from your policy.

In addition, we partner with major insurance companies in Texas, like:


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Ask Our Insurance Specialist to Check Your Coverage

If you’re struggling with hearing loss and are unsure about what your insurance covers, don’t let your confusion and frustration prevent you from getting the help you need from our audiology professionals at Clarity Hearing.

We can help determine whether your policy provides insurance for hearing aids. We’ll check your coverage, contact you with what we find out, and guide you through the process of getting the hearing care you need.

To ask our insurance specialist to check your coverage on your behalf, simply complete and submit the adjacent form.

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