You may have a range of colorful reading glasses, be able to do yoga with the bendiest of them, eat healthy proteins and salads and go to the dentists twice a year, but can you hear what’s going on around you? It’s funny how we can put so much into our self-care and forget about one of our most vital senses. Why? Simply because most of us don’t know what to expect when it comes to a hearing test. Let’s face it, nobody likes venturing into the unknown, even when it comes to their health.  

It’s Hearing Health Awareness Month, so let’s get educated. Here is the lowdown on why you should be adding a hearing test to your ‘to do’ list.


Why should I go for a hearing test?

Being able to hear clearly can make a tremendous difference to your professional and personal life. If you can’t really hear what’s going on, it’s harder to communicate, and that can make you feel isolated and alone. In fact, according to the American Academy of Audiology, as many as 1 in 3 people over 60 have hearing loss. That goes up to 1 in 2 for the over 85s. Could you be one of those people?


What are the signs of hearing loss?

Do the sounds of the world seem to be coming to you through several layers of cloth? Do people sound muffled? Are you struggling to make out what they are saying in a crowded room? Oftentimes, consonants become less clear to hear. If you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves, or smiling and nodding even though you have no idea what they are saying, it could be time to have a test.


What can I expect from a hearing screening?

Our friendly audiologists will check the overall health of your ears using painless tests. They will investigate how well you can distinguish different sounds and frequencies in a series of non-invasive tests. They will then discuss the results with you and go through any treatment you might need.


When should I have a test?

Did you know that the average person waits a whole 15 years from when they start noticing hearing loss to when they actually buy their first hearing aid? Think how much you could miss out on in 15 years. Having a hearing test sooner rather than later can make many hearing issues much easier to treat.


Now you know, why not start looking after your hearing health and book an appointment for hearing screening now.