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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Exams

Hearing loss affects an estimated 29 million people in the United States. We recommend that everyone have periodic hearing tests. Learn more about what’s involved in a typical office visit.

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Tinnitus Exams and Treatment

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) affects an estimated 30 million people in the United States. There are now treatments available for people who are bothered by their tinnitus. Learn more about tinnitus examinations and this exciting technology.

Soundcure by Serenade
Resound LiNX

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Hearing Aid Selection and Fitting

Selecting hearing aids is a combination of art and science. There is not one hearing aid that is correct for every patient. Learn more about what our philosophy is on selecting hearing aids and the different technology available to you.

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Hearing Aid Repair and Warranties

Even though almost all hearing aids are moisture resistant, they do break down periodically. Because we work with several manufacturers, we can get most hearing aids repaired for you. Learn more about warranty options.

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Assisted Listening Devices

Most hearing aids now have the ability to connect to other electronic devices. Whether it’s your TV, phone, Ipad, there are many easy to use solutions to allow you to enjoy these types of devices. Learn more about different assisted listening technology.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Buying hearing aid batteries from our clinic is always a good idea. We don’t order batteries until we need them ensuring that they are as fresh as possible. Our pricing is typically much better than local retail outlets. In most cases you would save about 50%. For convenience, we also mail batteries so that patients don’t have to come in to the office.

Musician and Industrial Earmolds

Most people enjoy music. Unfortunately playing music for an extended period of time and at high levels can result in hearing loss. Also, many people work in environments where hearing protection is required. Find out more about musician ear plugs, in the ear monitors and custom ear plugs for work place noise.

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Hunter Earmolds

The typical gun shot is 160 dB. A noise this intense has the capability to cause hearing loss or tinnitus after just one shot. Learn more about both electronic and standard hearing protection.

Swim Earmolds

Ear Nose & Throat physicians commonly recommend swim plugs for patients who have chronic ear infections. Learn more about what’s available for swimming.

STAP telephones

Did you know that if you have hearing loss, you could qualify for a free phone through the STAP program? Contact us if you are having difficulty hearing on the phone.